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Planning the kitchen

The kitchen design process encompasses several meetings with your designer to ensure your expectations are exceeded! So our clients understand and communicate what they want their final kitchen to look, feel and function like;

Floor Plan and Layout

Think about what is currently within the space that will become your kitchen? Then with your main appliances in mind (fridge and oven), we ensure your working triangle is maximised.


Choosing your style from modern to classic to retro and everything in between, is exciting and will set the whole look and feel of your kitchen and perhaps your home. Consider how the rest of the house looks, lifestyle, family size, interest in cooking, entertaining, natural or created light, functionality and accessories.


With the look and feel decided we ensure your kitchen accessories and product choices evolve within your budget. We have extensive ideas to produce the look without the cost.

Construction of the Kitchen

The surface treatments for bench tops and cabinets are considered first. Think about the needs of your household, what is practical, and what is cost effective while still creating the look and style you want.

Bench tops

There are endless form and function, colour, edging and thickness options.

The bench top thickness can vary from 10mm to 100mm and the edging can be half rolled, bull nosed or square.

Bays Joinery team of consultants will help you choose the appropriate benchtop to suit your needs and budget.

Product choices include;

High Pressure Laminates (Formica)
Is available in over 80 colours, patterns, wood grains, and 2 finishes - pearl or natural.
  Stainless Steel
Is an easy to clean surface, texture options include linen, chequer and canvas and traditional satin surfaces and edge treatments.
s either natural (granite) or engineered (crushed quartz with pigments and polymers, we recommend Caesar brand); both are non-porous, scratch and stain resistant, in a wide colour range and thicknesses.
Is seamless; it can be moulded to shape without joins. A wide range of colours to choose from and can be mitred to any thickness. (We recommend Corian and Mercury brands.)
Is heat and scratch resistant and can be colour tinted; its porous nature requires it to be sealed.

  Solid Timber
is recommend as hardwood like heart rimu and eucalypt.


Overall kitchen style is reflected in your cabinet choice. There is a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from.

Product choices include;

Low Pressure Laminates
(Melteca and Laminex) are very durable, scratch and moisture resistant. Available in extensive colour and finish choices.
  Lacquer (or two pot Lacquer)
Is a paint finish in various gloss and surface finishes to any colour. This sprayed on surface is durable and fairly hard.
  Vinyl wrap
Is a vacuum pressed vinyl layer over a base substrate (MDF) for moulded cabinet fronts, such as country, and  tongue and grove.
Solid Timber
provides a natural and warm feel. The use of different timbers creates varying patterns and textures.

  Timber Veneer
Stained or natural, is a thinly sliced layer of natural timber factory laminated onto a base substrate (veneer board) and sealed with 2 pot lacquer.
  Engineered or Reconstituted Veneer
Is a timber product that achieves a consistent finish through multiply sheets removing imperfections usually associated with timber.
Draw and cupboard fronts and edging can create an effective industrial look.
For cupboard door inserts and shelving (and even bench tops) has a large range of colours and finishes (sandblasted, satinlyte, diamante, thick or thin).


Your sink compliments the look. A porcelain butler’s sink is perfect for a classic country kitchen .Many sinks come with accessories like chopping boards, baskets, racks and drainers.

(Also consider; number of bowls, size, shape, bench mounting options, waste disposal, and water filter.)

Product choices include;

Stainless Steel
18/10 is a heavy, strong and durable sink that includes 18% chromium and 10% nickel.

or fireclay sinks are one-offs, no two are ever exactly the same. The inherent natural blemishes and irregularity in shape add to their appeal and style.
sinks are made from an engineered product and come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

sinks are hand made so each one is different; the crafting of these sinks is a slow and intricate process.
a beautiful natural product, in a range of sizes and colours.

unique touch of design, in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and finishes.


Accessories and innovative storage solutions enhance your kitchen and ensure space efficiency. Consider; utensil and spice inserts, plate and bottle racks, pull-out baskets, corner storage units, waste systems, towel rails, door and draw mechanisms, splash-backs, lighting, handles, hinges, and tapware.