Kitchens you will love

Kitchens reflect your personality and character. There is good reason they're considered the hub of the home, yet they also need to multi-task as a functional work space, and be a place where family and friends want to gather.

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Helping create perfect kitchens

Our kitchen design process is all about helping you get exactly what you want and making sure your new kitchen meets (we aim to exceed) all your expectations. You will have several meetings with your allocated designer, we do so that you fully understand and have time to communicate exactly what you want your final kitchen to look, feel and function like.

Kitchens in your space, budget & style

Floor Plan & Layout

Think about what is currently within the space that will become your kitchen?

Then with main appliances in mind (fridge, oven, hob) we will ensure the design of your working triangle is maximised.


How much have you allocated?

With the look and feel decided we ensure your kitchen accessories and product choices evolve within your budget. We have extensive ideas to produce the look in your price bracket and range.


What is your personality and lifestyle?

Choosing your style from modern to classic to retro and everything in between, is exciting and will set the whole look and feel of your kitchen and, perhaps, your entire home. Consider how the rest of the house looks, your lifestyle, family size, actual interest in cooking, how often you entertain, do you need more natural or created light, functionality and accessories.

Superb selection of bench tops

There are endless form and function, colour, edging and thickness options. The bench top thickness can vary from 10mm to 100mm and there are a multitude of edging options available, dependant on benchtop selection.

Bays Joinery team of consultants will help you choose the most appropriate benchtop that perfectly suits your needs and matches your budget. Product choices include High Pressure Laminates (Formica), Stainless Steel, granite, composite stone, acrylic and solid timber.

Impressive & stylish cabinets

The overall style and tone of your kitchen is reflected in your choice of cabinet. There is a very wide range of styles and finishes to choose from, these include Low Pressure Laminates, Lacquer (or two pot Lacquer), vinyl wrap, solid timber, timber veneer, engineered or reconstituted veneer, metal and glass.

Kitchen accessories of function & form

It's the little details that will make your new kitchen perfect. To help you get the finished result you want we are happy to sit down with you and go through all the options available to you.

Our vast range of kitchen accessories includes sinks, tapware, kitchen lighting, chopping boards, baskets, racks and drainers.

Clever storage solutions

Accessories and innovative storage solutions enhance your kitchen and ensure space efficiency. Consider; utensil and spice inserts, plate and bottle racks, pull-out baskets, corner storage units, waste systems, towel rails, door and draw mechanisms, splash-backs, lighting, handles, hinges, and tapware.