Concordia Drive Kitchen

  • Benchtop - Laminate.
  • Splashback - Clear Float Glass.
  • Finish - Timber Look Panels.

This client wanted a light and uncluttered space that had a suitable amount of space for entertaining guests.

The scullery was a strong part in achieving the finished appearance, with the small appliances and fridge tucked away out of view from the kitchen area, allowing the benchtop to remain clear.

Using a laminate benchtop in the scullery also enhances the usability of the space. The hob and sink are both located along the rear wall of the kitchen, allowing the island to be an uninterrupted work or entertaining area. Colour was also an important part in this kitchen, and so finding the perfect splashback initially proved difficult, until by changing the glass from low iron to clear float glass (to accommodate the length of the splashback) the look imagined by the client was achieved.

Further enhancing the interest added by the splash, timber look panels were added to the front of the island and as shelving along the back wall. This adds life to the kitchen and ties the flooring and furniture together without dominating the area.

Under $20,000 Kitchens

Examples of kitchens that we have completed for under $20,000. These kitchens are proof that you can make a dramatic statement without needing a huge budget.

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*All prices are for joinery only. Prices do not include sub-trades, appliances or installation.